Why K-Beauty?


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The Korean culture has historically put a lot of emphasis on external look and beauty. In fact someone's look and appearance can even determine his/her chances of being successful in obtaining a prestige job and attractive spouse. Hence, Korean women and men have become obsessed with their appearance and looks.

It is from this obsession that the Korean skincare industry has started developing to help Koreans reach their beauty objectives. However, it is the spread of the  South Korean culture (e.g., K-pop, K-drama) across Asia and worldwide that gave the industry its worldwide recognition. Furthermore, the term "K-Beauty" refers to all the different types of cosmetics products and skincare routines that are leveraged for achieving great skin results. From BB,CC and DD creams to, double cleansing, sheet masks, snails moisturizers and 10-step skincare routine, K-Beauty has positioned itself as a global leader in the field!

One of K-Beauty uniquenesses is that it takes a "Skin first" approach. Instead of investing in make-up the Korean philosophy stresses that it is more necessary to make sure the skin is healthy and taken care of. Furthermore, K-Beauty uses ingredients that are derived from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, snails slime, bees and more.

By now you should probably understand why K-Beauty is one of the hottest trends in global cosmetics and why Korean cosmetics is considered highly advanced and innovative. If you are intrigued and excited about K-Beauty, you are welcome to try the wonderful products on our website. I am sure you will not be disappointed! 


* This Blog was written to provide general information only and should not be seen as a replacement for a professional medical consultation. It is highly recommended to always consult your healthcare provider prior to trying a new treatment or a product


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