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  • Going to a Cosmetologist

    Even if you have a skincare routine that you pursue religiously, there are still benefits for regularly visiting a cosmetologist. This blog features an interview with a certified cosmetologist and explains exactly why

  • Ingredients to Look for When Shopping for Cosmetics

    There are so many cosmetics products in the market containing numerous ingredients. This blog seeks to point out the key ingredients you need to be aware of when shopping for cosmetics products 

  • The Difference between Essences and Serums

    Similarly to the difference between Toner and Essence, understanding the difference between Essence and a Serum may also be a confusing task. Luckily, reading this blog should help you figure this thing out

  • The Difference between Toners and Essences

    Ever wondered what is the difference between a Toner and an Essence? Well you are not alone, as this is an issue that confuses many skincare enthusiasts. Luckily, this blog should help you figure this thing out

  • Maintaining a healthy skin during stressful times

    Everyone may feel stress every now and then. However when stress becomes chronic it may have a serious impact on our health as well as our skin. This blog discusses how stress can impact our skin and methods that can be taken to better manage stress
  • Technology and The Beauty Industry

    Ever wondered how technology influence the beauty industry? Well this blog is for you!  "Beauty Tech" is revolutionizing and changing the industry and this blog explores five trends that are part of  this change

  • What Avocado Can Do for Your Hair

    Avocado is a fruit that provides our body many vitamins and nutrients. However, did you know avocado could be very beneficial for your hair too? Well, this blog is for you! It talks about making an homemade avocado mask to take advantage of the benefits avocado provides the hair
  • My Passion for Fragrances

    This blog is about fragrances. It features a special testimonial from an avid collector of fragrances. While, not directly connected to cosmetics, it is interesting to learn how fragrances can help boost your level of attraction and confidence.
  • Naturopathy and Natural Cosmetics

    Ever wondered what is Naturopathy and how it is connected to natural cosmetics? Well this blog is for you! It features an interview with a professional naturopath and answers all these questions and more
  • How K-Beauty transformed my skin and life

    A special testimonial from Eva Liu (not her real name), an avid Korean skincare user for many years, and how it completely transformed her skin and improved her self-esteem

  • The Sun and Your Skin

    We are all aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun. However, do you actually know why overexposure to the sun is dangerous and what damages it may cause to your skin? Well this blog is for you! It seeks to explore all the potential damages that may be caused to our skin as well as discusses ways as to how we can protect ourselves.
  • Collagen - The building blocks of a healthy skin

    I am sure that as a skincare enthusiast you have surely heard about collagen and its importance for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. However, do you actually know what collagen is exactly, what it does to your skin and how to get more of it? Well… that is why we are here for. Let dig a little deeper!