Naturopathy and Natural Cosmetics

Today’s blog is about naturopathy and natural cosmetics. It features an interview with Yigal Moshayev, a certified naturopath with 10+ years of experience in the field and the owner of the clinic “The tree of light-the clinic for natural medicine”, where he discusses the philosophy of naturopathy and the uniqueness of applying natural cosmetics.

Question: Can you please explain what is the philosophy of Naturopathy and how it evolved?  

Answer: Naturopathy philosophy spans around the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself naturally, when provided with the right conditions. In fact, Naturopathy takes a set of tools and ingredients that are deployed in alternative medicine such as herbs, proper nutrition, completeness between the body and soul and food supplements and offers customized solutions to tackle different problems in the body.

Q: How did you get into Naturopathy?

A: Since I was a child, I was interested in the topics of sports and nutrition, but I was certain that they were integral parts of medical studies only. During my 20’s I suffered from a condition in my digestive system which the conventional medicine could not find a solution for. Hence, I turned for consultation from a professional in natural medicine. He was able to immediately diagnose the issue and recommend a nutritional treatment with certain food supplements. Gladly the treatment worked and solved my condition. However, the most important thing from my end was that I was intrigued to learn more about natural medicine until I decided I would like to pursue a career as a naturopath.

Q: How do Naturopathy and the conventional medicine co-exist?

A: In Europe, Naturopathy is a distinct profession. In Israel, on the contrary, it is not a stand-alone discipline. In fact, we can call Naturopathy alternative medicine. With that being said, in recent years we are witnessing a positive trend whereas the conventional medicine leverages treatments that are common in Naturopathy. 

Q: What is the relation between natural cosmetics and Naturopathy?

A: Natural cosmetics puts the emphasis on ingredients that are sourced from herbs and natural oil that don’t contain any chemicals or preservatives, and with the goal of as not to expose the skin and the body to any toxics, neither from an external nor internal sources. There are many herbs virtues that are beneficial for the skin such as pomegranate and pomegranate seeds that are rich with anti-oxidants. Another herb that is leveraged in natural cosmetics is the calendula plant, which treats various skin conditions and soothes the skin.

Q: What are the major trends in natural cosmetics?

A: Today, we are discussing on cosmetics that “starts from within”- Accomplish a healthier look through the food we consume. This view relates both to supplements and different foods. There are many examples:

  • Food supplements: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, vitamin E and C, and Zinc
  • Foods: Especially foods that contain anti-oxidants: pomegranate, green tea, red wine, kale, spinach and other greens

Q: What is your advice for someone who is contemplating on experimenting with Naturopathy for the first time?

A: In order for someone to benefit the most out of Naturopathy, my advice would be to schedule an appointment with a naturopath for a full interview as a first step. The naturopath will conduct a full assessment of the client’s lifestyle, nutrition, sleeping habits, whether he conducts any exercise as well the goals he would like to conquer. Based on the interview, the Naturopath will build a profile of the client and make a recommendation on the proper treatment, as well as food supplements, herbs to help him reach his goals.

* This Blog was written to provide general information only and should not be seen as a replacement for a professional medical consultation. It is highly recommended to always consult your healthcare provider prior to trying a new treatment or a product.

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