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Anna Goikhman


Today's blog features a special interview with Anna Goikhman, a Medical Cosmetologist with 18 years of experience and the owner of the beauty salon, "Anushka", where she discusses about her passion for the profession, trends in cosmetics and also gives tips for maintaining a healthy skin.

Question: What made you want to become a cosmetologist?

Answer: As a girl and a teenager I suffered from a problematic skin and over hairiness. These issues bothered me since I was young and hence, I was attracted to the field of cosmetics so that I can primary take care of myself and also due to my willingness to work with and take care of other people.

Q: What do you like in your profession?

A: The thing I like the most in my profession is the sense of satisfaction I get when I see immediate results on a client's face and, as a result, the client is happy and satisfied after the treatment.

Q: Do you believe that even a person that maintains his skin needs to visit a cosmetologist every now and then?

A: Absolutely! In fact, one is complementary of the other. At the salon, the cosmetologist has access to peelings and other great materials that provide a wonderful effect at the end of the treatment. That being said, without the regular maintenance at home, the effect of the treatment is fading away after a short period (in about a week). Hence, It is important to remember that for the daily skincare routine large significance in maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin. In fact, you can compare it to maintaining healthy teeth by periodically visiting a dental hygienist for a professional cleaning in addition for brushing your teeth on a daily basis. 

Q: What are the hottest trends in cosmetics treatments?

A: Firstly, there is the trend of active materials that were made accessible for home treatment and they include treating the skin with acids that make a significant change in the skin. With that being said, it is important to emphasize that the recommendation for the use of it should only be made by a certified cosmetologist. Additionally, in the world there are several treatments and innovative equipment that leverage the use of radio waves, micro-needling, different peelings and various massage techniques.

Q: What tips and advice do you have to provide in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful facial skin?

A: First, it is important to remember that a healthy and beautiful skin is a derivative of what is inserted into our body and, hence, it is important to drink a lot of water and consume a nutritious food that is rich with fibers. Other important tips, in my opinion, include:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting a quality sleep of at least 7 hours
  • Living with a mental balance and avoiding stress. The majority of skin conditions are derived from stress

These are the most important cornerstones for maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin. And now, of course, let's add the daily skincare routine:

  • It is important to gently clean the face at the end of a day from all the dirt, make-up and pollution, accumulated onto the skin, with a cleanser that is suitable for the skin type
  • Maintain the eye area by applying a quality eye cream
  • At night, apply a cream with acid concentrates that is suitable for your age
  • Apply a moisturizer at morning and night
  • Highly important to guard the skin from the sun - It is required to apply sunblock on the face with an SPF of at least 30 when leaving the house in the summer and in the winter
  • Furthermore, visit the cosmetologist every 3 months or as needed. And...
  • Turn to a consultation by a plastic surgeon when you feel it is time for a boost

* This Blog was written to provide general information only and should not be seen as a replacement for a professional medical consultation. It is highly recommended to always consult your healthcare provider prior to trying a new treatment or a product.

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